Are you extremely crazy like most kids?
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April 27th, 2011

If you are, this is the website for you. Get a nice crazy seat, and get ready to go crazy, I mean EXTREMELY CRAZY. Here are some crazy everyday things for you to do. But these things are crazy! (If you come up with any other great ideas, submit them at the bottom of the webpage.)

How to wake up in the morning.

1. Run into the wall.

2. Throw a big water bomb in the air. Try to headbutt it. You’ll get soaked.

3. Climb the tallest tree in your backyard. Then jump down.

How not to do your homework

1. Tell your teacher that your dog ate some of it before you had time to read what to do.

2. Say you left it outside in the rain. If she asks for it, wet your old homework and hand it to her. (it will all be smudged, and she won’t be able to read it.)

3. Ask the whiz kid in the class to e-mail the answers to you.


  1. Eat it on your front or back deck. When your parents aren’t looking, tip it over the edge.
  2. Say you want to eat upstairs or somewhere else. But you really just flush it down the toilet.
  3. If you can’t hide it in your house anywhere, take it to school and give it to a school scavenger.


  1. Say your best friend was going to ring you at 10 o’clock. When he doesn’t ring, say oops, he was going to ring me tomorrow night.
  2. Quietly get out of bed and lie on the floor. Then jump on the floor once. The quickly hit the floor with your hands. Say you fell out of bed, and can’t go to sleep because of the pain.
  3. Say a spider or an ant bit you really hard. ( Try not to make them take you to the doctor.)

Mean pranks to play on your teacher.

Ever had the feeling to do something really mean to your teacher? Well I have! Here are some really mean and funny pranks to play on your teacher! (I’ve tried a few of these myself.)

1. Put on a band-aid and smear some fake blood on it. Then go up to the teacher and show her the band-aid which should now look like blood. You’ll get at least an hour off school!

2. Find some fake spiders and put them on the teacher’s desk. Make sure hey are hidden under something like homework sheets so that only the legs are showing.

3. If you’ve got a different teacher, make up some rules and say that your normal teacher made up the rules. For example: say that in maths you do every second page instead of every page. Don’t go too far though!

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